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Dealcoholized Silicon Sealant
Dealcoholized Silicon Sealant

3H mirror adhesive Phegda 618 (multiple-purpose)

Beidou series electronic adhesive (301.302.303.305.306.308)

Jiaoyang series adhesive (863.953.985)

Jiaoyang series multi-function special adhesive

(Special adhesive for stainless steel, mold-proof adhesive for kitchenware, sealant for silicon structure; special adhesive for door & window, non-pollution mirror and weather-resistant sealant for neutral silicon)

1. The product is applicable to adhesion and sealing in electronic, automobile, building and photovoltaic industry.

2. The sole manufacturer in domestic industry.

3. No acid corrosion and zero discharge of cancerogenic substance of diacetylmonoxime in neutral dealcoholized curing. VOC content is lower than 4%, which meets European and American standards.

4. Relying on the unique patent, the product can be resistant to high temperature of 200 and low temperature of -50, has strong viscosity, fire resistance and hydrophobicity, good resistance to corrosion and pollution, with the quality equivalent to the similar products worldwide. The product solves the defect of domestic products, such as stability, water resistance, yellowing and curing speed.

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