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Waterproof Organic Silicon
“Fangshuibao” Waterproof Organic Silicon

As non-pollution, colorless and transparent organic silicon waterproof material, the product can be sprayed (or painted) on building surface to bring excellent waterproof performance once cured. The product can form an invisible, colorless, transparent and permeable film and excellent waterproof layer on surface, to realize the effects of rolling bead on lotus leaf, keep basic surface dry, prevent humidity and mold of internal wall, keep external wall clean and avoid weathering.


I. Scope of Application

The product is applicable to roof, external wall, indoor space, bathroom, kitchen and balcony.

II .Analysis on Water Leakage Problem

Water leakage of external wall, humidification and alkalization of indoor space

Water leakage of balcony, leading to humidification and peeling

Water penetration of bathroom, leading to wall alkalization and peeling

Water leakage and penetration of roof, leading to humidification of indoor space

III. Construction Method

Construction precondition: The concrete surface must be clean, dry, smooth and free from crack or pit.

Spread the product on concrete surface evenly using sprayer, make sure it is completely penetrated in concrete to realize the waterproofing effects, or apply the product on concrete evenly using a brush or roller and make sure it is completely penetrated in wall and dried into film.


IV. Reference Dosage

The product should be sprayed or painted for100-200 g/m2 of depending on the actual conditions of basic surface.

Warranty period: 12 months

V. Notice

1. Inspect the spraying quality after construction and skipped spraying (if any) should be supplemented.

2. Store the product in cool place and cover it.

3. The product enjoys the best construction effects at the temperature of 030. Outdoor construction must be done in sunny days.

4. Keep the product away from open fire.

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