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Organic silicon resin
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Waterproof and Oil-resistant Agent

As a special material for asphalt pavement jointly developed by Wuhan University of Technology and us, the waterproof and oil-resistant agent for asphalt pavement has passed the authentication organized by Department of Science and Technology of Hubei and reached international advancement level on March 18, 2005.


I. Applications

The product applies to the resistance to water, oil and aging of new and in-service asphalt pavement and airport road. When sprayed on the upper layer of asphalt concrete, the product can enter the asphalt pavement due to excellent permeability, form 1 waterproof layer, in order to reduce the influence of external moisture and air on the performance of asphalt pavement, improve the durability, water resistance and fatigue resistance of pavement. The main functions of asphalt pavements are as follows:

(1)   Water resistance: Prevent water from entering the asphalt layer and maintain waterproof functions after repeated freezing and thawing, in order to improve the water stability of pavement.

(2)   Anti-aging: Prevent radiation from ultraviolet light on asphalt layer and oxidization of asphalt layer, in order to delay the aging of pavement.

(3)   Oil resistance: Prevent corrosion from gasoline to asphalt pavement, in order to prolong the service life of pavement and reduce pavement curing.

II. Main Characteristics

1.    Good resistance to heat: After cured into film at room temperature, the product has high decomposition temperature to avoid decomposition and color change when used at 100 for a long period.

2.    Good resistance to cold: Based on excellent low-temperature flexibility of molecular structure of organic silicon, the product can have good resistance to cold, applies to the low temperature of 25 and can resist to the contrast effects from -20 to 20.

3.    Good hydrophobicity: The water resistance performance is the same as wax for its organic gene of molecular chain is arranged at the lateral group of silica.

4.    Resistance to ultraviolet ray: The product can reflect the sunlight, in order to reduce the erosion from ultraviolet ray to roof and maintain the color and luster of wall.

5.    Good resistance to chemical reagent: The product has good resistance to oil, chemicals, strong acid and weak base once cured.

6.    Strong adhesion: The product can have Grade 1 adhesion with the asphalt and cement concrete at room temperature.

7.    Easy construction and repairing.

8.    The product is colorless, non-toxic and non-pollution.

III. Material Composition

The product is a colorless and transparent liquid.

IV. Notice

1. Construction is not recommended if ground temperature is lower than 5.

2. Construction is prohibited if basic surface is humid or it is rainy.

On basis of its structural characteristics, the product is widely applied in building waterproofing, water and oil resistance in road, airport and bridge and other fields, as well as the provincial and city highways, roads and building decoration and protection, and it is highly appraised in the industry.

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